daily painting titled Oak Tree and Moon

Oak Tree and Moon

13 x 12 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 20 September, 2005
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OK, I've been trying to restrain myself from commenting, since I am such a comment-hog, but I must make one about this painting. First of all, I adore the fact that you painted the same moon that I have been seeing here in California for the past few days. How great is modern technology that you can paint the same moon, and send it around the world so that we all can share it? Fabulous. Second, there is this eerie, symbolic quality to the painting in that you have this large, old oak tree, which seems to "know" the mysteries of life with that dark, secretive shadow beneath it being watched over by the moon, which "knows" the mysteries of the universe. That was my immediate impression. Sounds a bit esoteric, I know, but this painting to me is highly symbolic and very powerful. It is as though the road is beckoning the viewer to come explore the unknown. I love it.

they're always be good painters, and good paintings, thanks to remind me that.

Tired of disneyconceptual shit around.