daily painting titled Zattere from Giudecca, early evening

Zattere from Giudecca, early evening

20cm x13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 22 October, 2013
Posted in Paintings of Venice


Exquisite. I've always wanted to visit Venice. Your painting may just be more beautiful than the real thing.
I will be delighted to show this to Belle. When a 6 year old pops up with "What is Julian's painting for today? We haven't seen one for a while?," you HAVE to know the big people miss you.
Venice sliding into Autumn is a lovely time to be there..thank you for a lovely reminder. My BT website changed its format and I became worried pictures may not be coming through..now can relax.... Happy Time.. Sylvia
Julian & Ruth & Louis Looks glorious! And indeed it must be. Best Italian wishes, Leon
Another one of your paintings that makes me take a deep breath, sigh exquisitely, and feel that peace in the world is possible, if only in small vignettes. Thank you for moments of pure pleasure.
Thank you Julian for a wonderful reminder of how beautiful Venice is and how exquisite a small painting can be. You're my hero!!
My birthday today, and I have just returned from my first trip to Venice - how did you know? So thank you, I love it! Susan
Lovely painting, brings back memories of Venice. Thank you Julian
My favourite place on the planet! Thanks, Julian!!
Luminous reminder of one of the most amazing places in the World!
Dear Julian, La Serenissima never loses her magic! Very romantic, very dreamy, a touch of Sargent here. Would love to see your treatment of some decrepit old palazzo fa├žade, fear not, you couldn't make it trite even if you tried! Anna.
Even though the sloping dark foliage has something disturbing,lampposts in the distance fortunately sing that life is still there; our dear artist "JMS" sat in an ineffable green grass looks at the fearless wavelets that try to wash over the white path as to tell him: "the atmosphere here sparkles with life"! Julian smiles. And thereat,I seem to hear the muffled melody of a Mahler symphony...I am so happy to be alive.
Have a nice time in Venice. As Alain says, "the atmosphere here sparkles with life!"
So beautiful ... now I want to visit Venice :) You are amazing Julian! Please give my love to Ruth and Louis! Hope y'all are having oh so much fun *smile* hugs ...
Your young blog is wonderful! And what you write is so humane and optimistic.I wish you long life and good health. Best regards