daily painting titled Paris rooftops

Paris rooftops

20cm x 14cm (approx. 8"x5"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Monday 11 June, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Lovely and evocative!
i love this one!
Very nice, Julian! Good luck to Ruth!
Oh wow! Gritty and full. Such a contrast with the whimsical nature of your provencale idyll
I laughed when I saw the wet roof tops. We have been getting so much rain across our southern states and many of us wish we were in " sunny France!" I do love the atmosphere and colors in this view. Thanks.
Wow! Beautious. ;)
It's a big win!
I have a Paris-wet-rooftop series of photo references which I have never used. Mine were from a hotel room in the Opera district. Your beautiful little painting is inspirational for me to make use of mine.
i lived in paris where my son, louis was born - so "this oh! so different painting" evoked many a dear memory - super work!!!
Good idea. I know you can paint still life subjects, really dig the out door subjects. You got a hot brush. I hope you are going to the bank.
Landscapes and still life are always good, but its a treat to see your occasional urban works.
Hi Julian, "├ža c'est Paris" - comme le dit Mistinguett.... Congratulation for your paintings.
Very fine!
This is perfect in composition: the blue-grey rooftops; the Eiffel tower softly painted; the mysterious windows where unknown lives are on-going. I will now imagine what those lives might be as I often did in Paris.
I love the wet shiny rooftops
nice to see a totally different scene...you must have enjoyed painting this ?love the light on the roof
"I Love Paris in the Spring Time..." - especially Paris when it's painted by Julian! Hope you have a nice stay with Ruth.