daily painting titled August in Paris

August in Paris

18cm x 14cm (7"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 20 August, 2009
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Fancy district. And...no cars! Almost a pedestrian street. A sunny sidewalk café...Maybe just before the lunchtime. Relaxing painting, intensely joyful.
Julian--I'm guessing you and Ruth are back to the countryside soon but these Paris street scenes are really a joy. the blue sky offset by the red awning with that scorching sunlight in between is just great composition. Alain--hope your summer has been great and I think I see a car parked to the right about halfway down the street. Does that count?
No, it doesn't since it is parked. :) You know, in August, traffic in Paris is really low, which gives a feeling of quietness. Plus, less noise and air pollution. It's nice.
Julian: Thankyou for taking me to Paris. I've never had the pleasure of visiting France and as an artist, I'm sure I would have enjoyed the experience. Have been to Italy and loved it! I will pass this on to a friend who is from Paris and will enjoy the visit.
Julian, I've visited your web sites for years and never left a comment, but now I must tell you how much I look forward to each new painting. Each one is a gem and a revelation. Thanks