daily painting titled The Citadel Essaouira, morning

The Citadel Essaouira, morning

20cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 4 March, 2015
Posted in Marine paintings


This is a great painting, Julian. Your talent is amazing. Now for Louis - he already has great design and color sense in his paintings (and I bet he is having lots of fun, too!).
I love your work. But I'm really expecting to get on the subscription list for "Letter from Louis" soon. Love the freedom of a young person's art.
Through the modulation of the paste thicknesses, I can strongly experience here the love marriage of terrestrial materiality and celestial lightness.
This series is truly wonderful and I am enjoying them greatly. Thank you.
You guys!! Like, I mean, totally awesome!!
This one is such a beauty! I love the value of the building in the distance and the contrast with the dimensional, impasto painting of the waves. Bravo!
Loving these colours and Love Louis's colours too!
So at second glance, I like too how successive footbriges made of stones on the water gradually lead our eyes with no discontinuity from the left lower side of the picture towards the citadel and then by the hills in the distance to the sky with trails of clouds diagonally. A dancing view that incites the walkers to a (careful)stroll.
I had to look up Essaouira! It is a most beautiful place! Have enjoyed all of your paintings from there. Keep it up! Olivette
I like those brush gobbets of impasto; it really works. Nicely done.
I love the warm green flashes in the water that reflect the sky beautifully -a perfect tint also!
I was delighted to see the post about your trip or time in Morocco over on Facebook on Ruth's page, and didn't realize she was on there, so I have sent her a friend-connect Julian, and I hope that is okay with you, since I am a long-time follower of yours too, although possibly you have the max # of friends already or something as well as some others we know over there too. It looks as though you've had a delightful trip, and I am perhaps late in knowing or learning about Louis, who I'm gathering is your adopted son, is this right? Louis's paintings are so special, and I loved also, seeing the pics of where you are staying, eating, and so forth. The impasto on this painting at the Citadel is particularly delightful also Julian!