daily painting titled Two pears

Two pears

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 13 November, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Brilliant looking easel and not a bad price ... thanks for sharing; I'm interested!
Oh goodness, reading that they DO NOT ship to Europe, one can only imagine the backstage story to get this big beauty all the way to France. Enjoy, Julian.
Well it mat have improved or not, but that is a terrific painting. What's the size? Bonnie
I would LOVE to see a photo of that beautiful easel with one of your beautiful,tiny paintings set up on it!
Another simple but oh, so beautiful painting! Love the colors on the pears. Well done, Julian! Elaine PS: Don't know the brand of easel you are mentioning - will have to Google and see if they are this side of the ocean. I still won't paint like you, though!
The inner fire of these pears glorifies them beyond their humble status of edible fruit. I like how the red pear seems to give to its neighbour a little bit of red of its own body as an act of generosity. The subtle inclination of the yellow pear towards the red one seems to express, in return, a moving gratefulness. Ihis still life is a testimony of commiseration.
Such a beautiful painting, Julian. I did a small painting a few days ago of 2 yellow pairs, and I really struggled through. I thought it turned out pretty good - until I saw your masterpiece. Oh well, I believe in perseverance, patience, and persistence.
I amso happy you got something you wanted. If the painting is any measure,hang right on to it. JC
Well Julian, you certainly do beautiful still lifes! The tangerines and the pears drip with juice. The paintings from Venice were wonderful as well. Am so glad to know you, Ruth and Louis and follow your travels. Jessie
Julian, this is gorgeous! What a treat to see this painting in my email at the end of a day of painting. I love the richness and depth of color. Just perfect! dorothy
Dear Julian, pearfection! Anna.
Dear Julian, Very happy for you and hope you will enjoy your new investment!!! Thank you for all your beautiful work. Sincerely, Elodie Cromback PS: if you ever would like to organise an exhibition in Sydney, we would love to help!