daily painting titled Oignons Doux

Oignons Doux

19cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 30 July, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


WOW. You have really outdone yourself, here. I gasped when I opened this up. The subtle colors you've captured in those onions is astounding. Just like yesterday, this is simply exquisite. Thanks for making my day!
I gasped too and then said out loud- killer!! Just fantastic- and as I am sitting here listening to Isserlis play Faure- what more could I ask for!!! Wonderful devine pleasure.
This piece has such a strong classic appeal. You have managed to make the ordinary exquisite. Linda Warner Constantino
My eyes are watering because they are so real looking. My 4 year old joked and said they were making him cry too. They're sublime. Who knew I could love an onion so?
Subtle variation and treasure of tints; ; Invitation to a sensorial and poetical voyage. Thanks Julian.
The onion soup ( a poem from Raoul Ponchon french writer 1848-1937 ):
Quel est ce bruit appétissant Qui va sans cesse bruissant? On dirait le gazouillis grêle D'une source dans les roseaux, Ou l'interminable querelle D'un congrès de petits oiseaux. Mais cela n'est pas que je meure Sous des gnons et sous des trognons Si ce ne sont pas des oignons Qui se trémoussent dans du beurre!
This painting is extraordinary and inspiring--any chance of creating a print of it?