daily painting titled Still life with quince, plum and bowl

Still life with quince, plum and bowl

19cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 28 September, 2014
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Two for two is not bad, but you recovered quite nicely.
Loving the contrasting colors and admiring the whitish bloom that you paint on the plums! The leaves are so well done too.
Nice atmosphere and use of colors.
Wow - that has certainly opened my eyes to the difference between the the two kinds of light - have to say I prefer natural lighting, but its beautiful nevertheless.
The bowl, seen only by its subtle reflections, all the edges lost, is stunning.
Just gorgeous!
Dear Julian, fascinating, beyond the reflections of the plum and the lemon I see a doorway. Also, is there a chip on the bowls edge? The organic shapes of the leaves are painted with such verve. A moody night painting. Anna.
wonderful composition--but the star of the painting is the bowl, for me, it's all about the bowl--can hardly take my eyes off of it--magnificent--completely drawn into it. Congrats to whoever the successful bidder is--what a great addition to their collection. Jeannine
I love this one. Please make a print! Thank you.
I personally don't like this configuration but have to say my first reaction was "WOW, he has certainly captured the feeling of sunlight and how it hits the eye" so maybe you needn't be so wary or pedantic about using artificial light. One of my favorite British painters William Nicholson experimented with daylight light globes with stunning results.
Thank you for mentioning this painter. Wonderful discovery for me! Some of his paintings share some features with Julian paintings. The striking thing here is that the brightest object is at the furthest point, as in several landscapes of Alfred Sisley.
My thanks also to Jeff for mention of William Nicholson. Looked him up on google and yes, some so similar to Julian. I like the "light" in them.