daily painting titled Cup and figs

Cup and figs

15cm x 16cm (approx 7"x8"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 29 July, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Love the ceramic pottery and the figs together!
Alain must have inspired me - I see your family in this painting - you are the strong cup, and the two figs are your wife and child, which you take loving care of as they lean on you. This painting is full of calm, love and peace. Your family is as one. Thanks, Julian
Dear Julian,is there a touch of "scuola metafisica" in this still life? Somehow it reminds me of the strange light and mood you might find in a Chirico. Suddenly the familiar cup seems italian, especially when teamed with the mysterious pair of figs.Obviously the previous couple of paintings of messy little Italian harbours crammed with boats have got me...... I can smell the sea and the fish and feel the breeze. Your paintings transport people! Its lovely to dream for a while and let the imagination roam free. Anna.
so simple and so true.
Hi Julian, Your wonderful painting of figs bring back memories of my childhood. Our fig tree was next to my swing. When they were ripe I'd swing and eat. They were so delicious on a hot summer day. The birds were also waiting their turn. Swinging and figs go well together, give it a try!