daily painting titled Cherries, cake and cup

Cherries, cake and cup

18cm x 13 cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 19 June, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Sublime! A jewel.
Lucky, lucky Louis!
And after calming Louis with the cake, I see you've painted it from his perspective. Good job! (as we say to our kids whenever anything goes well).
Love this one...the story makes it even more dear.
How lovely! Pretty as a picture. ;)
Let him(them) eat cake. Another nice painting and a narrative to go with it.
Love the Louis perspective and the beautiful range of whites.
...the view from Louis' perspective?
Yes, nothing works better than a culinary bribe!
I look forward to your pictures every day and learn a lot from looking at them. But this is not one of your best. The cup looks flat, and the cloth too stiff. Chrries are brill though! The garlic yesterday was a masterpiece.
hi I cant get it in my mind what that white piece is in the front of the painting- the curved thing. What ever it is, I guess I never had one and I live in Germany, not so far from you.... so it is cherries, cake and cup and...? Susan
It's just the edge of the napkin
to be a father and a painter ...what a sublime life...and to be able to paint the cake of the one you love...does it get any better? I was actually admiring how well modeled the cup was!
I see a heart on the cup near the top cherry. Maybe it's really in the design or it could be a subliminal symbol your love for your son and for painting. I also like the viewpoint.