daily painting titled Three Peaches

Three Peaches

33cm x 22cm, Oil on Linen

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 16 June, 2006
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Julian, that is just gorgeous.

This is so gorgeous. The fuzz on the peach in the saucer is palpable.

Absolutely lush!!

Julian, this is so unbelievably gorgeous, it it positively orgasmic. I gasped as I opened it up. You just made my already fabulous day even more so...

Get a grip, girl! Wonder if you would feel the same way about this art if it were by a toothless old crone somewhere in Arkansas. Imagine.

Hmmm. Gee, anon, been to a dentist lately?

Julien,this painting is so beautiful. I like the table cloth, the crease and the blue stripe with the fuzzy peaches. The saucer is like an old friend. It has seen lots of other fruit.
My framer was very impressed by your prints and the little postcard.
I can`t wait till they are done and I can hang them.

Yes, Julian - very nice peches indeed.
I agree with anon - it seems the girls are all over this.
Keep up the good work!

leave us toothless old crones alone. What have we done to you

I find the reaction to the use of my word "orgasmic" interesting. Perhaps this was too strong a word, but I find this to be a lovely, sensuous painting, period. I don't care if it was painted by a "toothless old crone", or by George Clooney. It doesn't matter WHO painted it. It is wonderful, and I love it. So what if it happened to be done by a male, and females are the ones responding to it. I think those of you who are having a negative reaction to my comment are the ones who need to "get a grip".

WOW...this is a beauty!! I admire the composition very much. Love that slice of tabletop at the top and the blue stripe in the cloth and the crease. Nice use of straight lines to counter all the circular shapes. The icing on the cake so to speak is the wonderful play of complementary colors between the peaches and the saucer. MMM, good enough to eat!!


hmmm. Gee, Merilee, have you been on a date lately?