daily painting titled House and vines, Flassan

House and vines, Flassan

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 29 September, 2017
Posted in Landscape paintings


Good to see some autumn colours in your area, and immaculate composition as ever. Well no chance of a routine next week either!
Love love love it. Wish it was mine xxxxxxxxx
Julian, I have so enjoyed seeing your technique grow through the years, as I have enjoyed seeing your self portraits change and your son grow older. I paint vicariously with you. I hope to always receive your emails.
This is lovely and love the peek of light down the road. And all the greens. And having your art back to admire!!
Hi Julian , everybody needs a break sometime. Just hope it is not to long , I do love opening my computer and finding your email. Can not thank you enough for sharing your gift , Craig
Julian, This painting is marvellous, just marvellous in every way. But if you're having trouble get back into the routine, may I suggest a long long walk in the woods, with Mozart or Beethoven on your iPod, You'll come back revitalised, renewed and refreshed.
Just stunning. Again. Your struggle is not evident in the work. Every time I see it in my inbox its a thrill-the light, the color, the depth, the open, loose, easiness. I loved hearing your interview with Antrese Wood, and now, among the quotes on my bulletin board I added "Keep the fly wheel going". Thank you.
It's like Christmas every day getting to see your paintings .