daily painting titled Winter vineyards at Entrechaux

Winter vineyards at Entrechaux

22cm x 14cm (8½"x5½"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 13 March, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Beautiful series of warm earth tones. You made what might have been a dull scene into an extremely interesting one.
I love the way you can stay so loose yet so exact. The distant hill's color and simplicity is perfect in the context of the jumbled warmth of the foreground.
Keep working that hot brush . Looking good Hollywood.
I'm reading Ruth's book with your book open beside it. So evocative (and I've never been there !). I'm trying to read so slowly it won't end. Text and Image - my idea of heaven - especially if you add a bottle of fine red and a touch of sunshine. I can never afford the postcards but the emails (and Robert Genn's) let me cruise the eArtWorld whilst I'm trudging through LibraryWorld every day. Thank You.
If I imagine this terrestrial work with no any houses,it suddenly becomes a telluric abstract painting!I like too the miraculous face made of earth showing his(or her)eye half open with its "dripping" tears,on the lower right side near the corner.Julian,with you,Art takes on a new surprizing dimension.Everyday.
dear chris, chris - nothing could make us happier than the thought of someone enjoying both our books with a good glass of red and some sunshine à côté! a dream come true for us! thank you so much!