daily painting titled Sur la côte bleu

Sur la côte bleu

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 16 June, 2017
Posted in Marine paintings


So beautiful and fresh colors. Welcome back to Ruth.
Beautiful painting! What a wonderful day you had; it sounds like a dream!
Where are the skinny dippers?!! they should be sunning on that promontory..........beautiful capture indeed!
Very refreshing painting and a great day for you! How so you carry your painting gear and bring back wet paintings? You seem to paint everywhere you go and carry back wet paintings successfully!
This is gorgeous! ....the coloration and the movement of the water is beautifully done, not to mention the rocks! Do you have. DVD? Would love to watch you paint. Your paint appears to be very liquid....whose paints do you use and do you use a medium? I began plein air painting a few years ago and while loving the idea I am having difficulty executing. I have learned a lot, but there's still so much more I need to learn and my time & money for painting is kinda limited. I have found DVD's to be a good way for me to learn. I can go at my own pace, and actually digest what the instructor is saying. Also, I seem to end up painting more from sketches/photographs that I have made rather than painting on site.....it fits my lifestyle and my age (81) better. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me! Trisha
Well it was only a five minute walk to the restaurant so I carried it in the panel holder of the easel and put it in the back of the car and I luckily had kept a complete painting set-up in the car which is not always the case!
Spatkling wet. What blue did you use to keep the water so alive?
the usual suspects! Ceruleum and Ultramarine
Vibrant use of blues Julian gives a great sense of energy. The complementary orangy rocks gets the painting singing. Cheers Fred