daily painting titled Pink roses

Pink roses

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 15 April, 2014
Posted in Flower paintings


And the Prince charming whispered: - I offer you my shivery heart in a plate, like a pink boat floating on a tumultuous river of permanent green leaves, but stay with me!" Unfortunately,his beloved pink princess suddenly disappeared in the background,washed away by the green floods... - O my rosebud, my tender rosebud, I can't live without you any longer!" Now the river is desperately empty, only a blue reflection remains, and foam...And silence.
How lovely!
Hahaha, so you gave in to the pink?
A most splendid painting.
Thank you thank you thank you!!! For the pink roses. Grace.
What happened to "too pink"?? Glad you changed your mind this is terrific.
Thank goodness you have made peace with pink. The painting is lovely. Your other flower paintings are too. More!
Simply beautiful. Oh how I wish I had a poetic way with words, like Alain! Lovely job, Julian!
You proved it. Bravo.
After watching your work since the early days, I can still be surprised at how well you handle each surface, each color and each subject. Each one unique. This one is glorious.
I'm glad you have nothing against pink. Now we get to enjoy another masterpiece by you and a beautiful poem by Alain as a result!
beautiful flowers !
Dear Julian, you're in the pink!! I am feasting my eyes on this! You were absolutely right to paint a very pale peony next to the rich green pot on Monday. Here, with the roses in rich, saturated pink hues placed on a creamy white cloth with a blue stripe, is perfection. Your colour compositions are always spot on! Anna.
Your recent flower paintings have a lighter than air quality; it is almost as if the petals (and strawberry stems) are ready to fly away. So as they likely will in reality, the moment is preserved in your painting for all your viewers to enjoy.
Alain, your words describing Julian's painting..I have no words. Your writing dances with every painting ..please never stop!
Thanks. But I have decided to comment provided Julian paintings inspire me. I do not want to "systematically" write as I did it some years ago.Inspiration generally comes spontaneously and immediately as I discover the painting right from the very start. If I must "think" first, I know it will not be a good comment. "Primal instinct"... Your blog shows very pleasant works and I feel that you have a great pictorial knowledge and talent.Your paintings look deceptively simple: this is the sure sign of mastery.