daily painting titled Vase of peonies

Vase of peonies

20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 26 April, 2019
Posted in Flower paintings


Julian, this painting and the previous one shows fantastic delicacy and feather weight to the petals, at the same showing the power of the oil paint and your observational power. These paintings are very beautiful and skilful. I love the way you have painted the glass, stems,leaves and their colours. Well done. Kind regards, Graham Lomas
Hi Julian, loving these peonies, and all other work as well!!! I was in your workshop in May/June 2014... loving every minute of it and almost went to Tuscany with you but had to cancel😥 Just thought I’d throw this out there.... Wondering if you’d ever consider bringing you and Ruth and Louis to Canada for some combo “painting workshop for you/ performance opp for Ruth/something exciting for Louis” kind of thing. I live in a gorgeous green and rural part of Ontario called Prince Edward County, surrounded by sand dune beaches, full of wineries, restaurants and artists etc etc. We have 2 classical music events here every summer (Wellington Water Week and PEC Classical Music Festival.... world class musicians last year that I’m sure Ruth would know of) not to mention all the pop music stuff that happens in converted barn venues all over and Jazz and Theatre Festivals in August. I live right in the village of Wellington.. a very happening place with our own much toted “Midtown Brewery” just steps from my door in an old meat packing plant! I also have an Air bnb suite upstairs in my old renovated farm house where you could stay. There are endless possibilities for an event here built around your workshop so I’ll leave it that that and wish you all a fabulous summer!! Pam Carter
I believe this is one of your best ever and I was prepared to bid double my previous max bid only to see that the auction was above that already. I hope you will consider this one for the wonderful prints you make. Best Wishes for continued success, John
Alive!! Just phenomenal.
I am taken away by your works. I’ve tried again and again to purchase one of your pieces on the auction site, but to no avail. I’m afraid I can’t play with the big boys, but believe me, I will never stop trying! Please don’t stop before I can get my hands on one of your works, I’m absolutely in love with your style of painting. Thank you Julian, Colston W Hanshaw
The softness of the petals is comparable to angel’s wings. Gorgeous piece.
Hi Julian, This is the way to paint Peonies! Love all your paintings.
Julian, I think your work is terrific!! Absolutely beautiful paintings. The simplicity in witch you paint your still lives and the brush work is outstanding not to mention your color. Look forward to seeing more of your paintings.