daily painting titled House and vines

House and vines

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 23 October, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


I'm so glad it stopped raining. I've been yearning for one of your landscape postcards, and this one is lovely.
Hi Julian. I look forward to each new painting,enjoy them immensely, and often send them on. Lately I can no longer enlarge the image and see it against black. Is that feature no longer there, or is it something particular to me? Is there a solution? Thanks, Barbara
I have changed something but it should still work (and slightly better) It is certainly working on my system (mac with firefox and safari). Write and let me know what operating system and browser you are using
It's about time!!!! Wuz gettin' tired of them fruits. When you go out, maybe you can paint three works. I do. Just sayin'. Bob Ragland/Observer
So lovely--really like this one. Has personal resonance for me as my parents owned a vineyard for many years. Love the composition and the light.
Julian, wonderful view of the vineyards in the autumn colors. You have captured the light and made it possible to walk right into the image and believe I was actually there. Lovely light...and in five years you can start to drink the wine from these vines. cheers, geo
Good to see the rain has moved on. You create such beautiful depth in your paintings Julian. Love this one. Pat
Just have to comment on this one even though I've enjoyed all of your paintings in the short time I've subscribed. This one just struck me as a beautiful and restful note to a very stressful day. Thank you.
It looks like it was a beautiful day - glad you got to enjoy it, Julian.
Lovely view. Sent to unwell daughter to help her along... creates happy mood
So much better than the plums! This one really cheered me up on a gloomy morning. Great colours,and lovely harmony. I wish I was there.
I really don't mind what you paint and post _ ALWAYS a delight :)
Hi Julian, I really like this picture - great colors - it's happy.
HI JULIAN , GREAT PAINTING ,young people tell me that is yelling digitally , I REALLY LIKE IT. THANKS , Craig
Dear Julian, You made my day as usual, however, even more so since I was the lucky one to win in the auction. I can hardly wait to see it in my home. I enjoy every painting you create. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Best regard, JOAN