daily painting titled Roses in provençal vase

Roses in provençal vase

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 30 April, 2014
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How I wish less people knew about your art, and I might have a chance at obtaining one. And this would be the one! All but I guess that is selfish. Congratulations this is beautiful!
Simply stunning.....I would love to own these roses....Julian you are a master!
All the lights crashed out tonight leaving me in the dark; the card arrived as the electrician went and the evening's now glowing. Thank you
You are a magic maker. A painting of this radiance makes it all worth while.
Beautiful peonies. It will be a good two months here in Ontario, Canada before we see roses! I admire how you paint shadows, yet one can still easily see the edges of the lovely green vase. Thank you!
No no no, I am sure this painting was not done by a terrestrial creature! Impossible! Because everything here is divine. JMS...Jupiter Mars Saturn?
Thank you thank you....just beautiful and fascinates me trying to figure out how many roses there really are?? Gfs
Amazing, I love your work!
OMG!!! This is absolutely too beautiful for words! Kudos Julian!
My sentiments are like Sunny's. I immediately went to the auction page to see what the bid was. Alas, I will have to wait for another beauty to show up when the timing is right. However, who ever gets this painting, it will be worth every penny and more. Bravo, Julian!
Dear Julian, late last night, tucked up in bed,I was listening to the midnight news on BBC 4,didn't want to hear more misery, checked my phone, hoping there might be a new "PostcardfromProvence". To lull me to sleep and conjure up sweet dreams. And there it was, dreamy pink,almost blown, roses. In a deep green glazed vase with a magic highlight opening a window on to old Provence. Anna.
Dear Julian,was the server down for a while?Tried twice,now I don't want to repeat what feels stale!Just to say the roses are yet another brilliant masterpiece! Anna.
Love this!
We all seem to have wanted this painting.....wonder if you might do another book of yr paintings or maybe cards so we can share? Put me down if you do. Grace
What a most delightful painting, lovely colours.