daily painting titled Single malt with pomegranate

Single malt with pomegranate

16cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 10 November, 2017
Posted in Still life paintings


A lot of subject in this composition, love it
A lot of subject in this composition. Love it!
WOW!! This is really interesting! Amazing brushwork, so much texture and great colors! The glass is so well done and I admire the looseness of the pomegranate. There’s so much to look at that, at first, I thought the blue flowers were just drifting down (as if falling from a tree) but then noticed the vase in the background! Silly me! A great painting!
Since pomegranate is my favorite fruit and has been since i got one each Christmas in my stovking and since all i drink for fun is scotch you have atrue winner both in technique and subject Skal!
Beautiful composition with masterful brushwork! I sense balanced light-dark tension. My eye settles on the central highlight on the glass, above the fluid level, after traveling up to the (cobalt?)blue flowers in the upper left, balanced by the blue reflection at the base of the glass. The shadowed violet structure on the right also directs my eye to, what to me, is the focal point. Had I painted this, I would have ruined it by trying to detail that pomegranate!
You probably don't remember me, but, I really miss you and your endeavor.
Snow already! Perfect drink for it; I love the vibrancy & composition of this lovely painting.
Please make this one available as a print - it would be perfect for my husband.