daily painting titled A Bank of White Irises

A Bank of White Irises

12cm x 16cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 17 April, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


Oh! How beautiful! I was just looking at Van Gogh's painting of irises and admiring it. This is better! How simply gorgeous! You truly captured the essence of irises.

Ermm... whilst praise is (mostly) always nice I think that maybe going a little too far.

Will you allow me to say that they are utterly fabulous?

Oh jeeze, I couldn't resist...I bid.

Very Beautiful!! My irises are no more since an unexpected cold spell frozen them all!eeek! Hopefully they will come back. I suppose i best purchase this painting to be sure!!

Hey Merilee, don't dis Vincent. But these irises are phenomenal.

I love this interpretation of my favourite flowers. I have tried painting them. Flowers are DIFFICULT!

Julian: My only consolation at not being able to bid is that I'll be aboard the QM2 tomorrow, and will be able to admire your still lifes (lives???) on the ship. I've seen them before, but not really SEEN them...which is what ART is all about. Thank you (and God) for your talent!!!

okay so now i think that THIS one should grace the book's cover...hey a gal has the right to change her mind. this image was simply stunning coming through by email. love those killer blues in the background taunting the viewer to follow them.

delicate and subtle, with all the strength and simplicity of a Morandi. Thanks, Julian

Have a good trip Joyce, hope my paintings are still there!

Oh, my!! This is flat out wonderful. You AND Van Gogh got it right. I feel so lucky to have your paintings to look at on these cold, rainy spring days. Thank you.

Any chance of you making a print of the irises?
Would love to buy one--or two.

Please don't misunderstand me!!! I love Van Gogh and his irises!!! Van Gogh is one of my favorites. I simply think Julian's irises are right up there with Van Gogh's. No dissing intended!!!

Oh my gosh... missed this beauty by a few days... Still not getting your "e"s, J... Ann will try to straighten that out soon, as she is now in France and headed your direction. I agree that these irises NEED to be spotlighted in your book and wish there was a print to buy. Congrats on your recent successes with this new format, though it breaks my heart. You do deserve it... Fond wishes to you both, Diane