daily painting titled Leaf and Lemon

Leaf and Lemon

10cm x 19cm (4"x7"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 20 March, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian - I love this piece - the use of negative space is exquisite. The lines you use to lead the eye in . . . wow
and how the lemon is an afterthought -
good job


exciting composition and shape...love that blue striped cloth! congrats on the last landscape--also beautiful.

Julian --

This and the Oyster should be prints so that more of us can enjoy them!

I'm delighted for you that the auction system is bringing you significant prices for the small cards. They're lovely, so why not.

One more that I'd love as a print: the clementine. Ripe, succulent, could have been in the Garden of Eden!

Julian, I'd love this as a print, along with the blue bottle and orange....I'm glad I'm not the only one clamoring and "beating on about" prints! (Is that the right use of the "Brit" expression Ruth used to talk about the almond trees?) I know you can make a lot more $$$ doing the paintings (which are utterly gorgeous), and we probably sound like yapping dogs at your heels when you barely have time to PAINT! Even so....

Thanks Jennifer and Barbara. Anonymous and Joyce I will do a back catalogue of prints when things settle down a little, it's been a lot of work getting the new site up and feeding it!

This painting is stunning. I would have loved it but unfortunately was too late! I will try again and keep up the fantastic work. Lucky you to be doing something so creative and what you love for a living!

Please Julian...make a print of this one....
I want to be able to enjoy your paintings too...:)