daily painting titled Clementine


209cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 5 October, 2019
Posted in Still life paintings


Hello, I’m currently in Provence and was wondering if you have a studio that we could visit?
We are staying near Ménerbes.
Thank you,

Ah, thé Mistral bringing you inside! My favorite time with your demonstrations was the still life studies using your magic cardboard shadow box! Glad you are having sunshine!

Nancy Flemming

Still cherishing memories from October last year at le Devancet. So wish I were there again. Glad it's sunny. Best to you and Ruth.

Ah me. I remember the days before the New York Times article (which is when I think you were finally discovered by the world) . . . 2005, 2006 I used to eye the Garlic postcards (I grow a lot), the clementines, many of the landscapes. Sigh. 

Glad it has worked out for you, but I do miss the days when a dailypic would stay up for several days before it was bought. (Alas, in 2005 we had a new baby that I took time off to stay home with at age 45 8-o so could not act on my buying impulses even. And then things took off. ) So glad to see you are still doing this ... there is hope for me yet!

R. Gray
Pasadena, CA USA