daily painting titled Ventoux, automne

Ventoux, automne

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 23 October, 2021
Posted in Landscape paintings


I love your paintings. Beautiful! Especially the few landscapes I have seen and the still lifes with light backgrounds. Someday all of them will be worth twice or thrice or more. Wish I had the money to buy your work. Hope to visit one of your workshops, maybe next year. Best wishes to you! Patricia
Julian, this is truly beautiful. If I can't be there in France, I can enjoy it through your paintings!
My sentiments EXACTLY . . . all of them — every day I’m thrilled and amazed!!!
Ditto! So beautiful. It helps me travel in my mind .... when it it is still not safe to travel in person. Hopefully, we will be able to dust off our passports in 2022.
Julian and Ruth, happy Fall... this painting is a wonderful reminder of beautiful France and this lovely season of bronze, golden, and brown colors... thank you for helping us to "travel" even though we are pretty much grounded here on Maui for the next few months... Dean and I keep saying "we're going to France" and our doctors keep reminding us of Covid's dangers... hopefully in April / May/ June... love to you all. And thanks again for the daily reminders of all we are missing but are fortunate to see through the artist's eye Stay Healthy, stay safe! Tad and Dean
My sentiments EXACTLY . . . all of them — every day I’m thrilled and amazed!!!
Always loved your landscapes.
This small painting speaks volumes! Spectacular!