daily painting titled Self Portrait, Late Summer

Self Portrait, Late Summer

15cm x 18cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 21 August, 2007
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Brilliant portrait! So loose yet so intense. Amazing the likeness with such loose strokes- I guess a 2 week respite did not dampen those magical fingers. Bravo!
Julian, I love this portrait! I agree with Leslee - the looseness is what makes it so great. I particularly like the way you handled your eyes and the darkness of the hairline. Beautiful colors. It makes me want to go paint...
This is great...lookers, half close your eyes to see the really fantastic way the picture works...ooh its reet grand!
Dear Julian--I am very taken by this portrait. It is not just loose, however, it is intense, that furrowed brow and the intensely concentrated eyes aake looking itself important. Oh, the Opposites-I recommend you get "the Opposites Theory" by Eli siegel published in the New York City by the Aesthetic Realism Foundatio. You will be much affected by the recent chapter in which Eli Siegel writes of Difficulty and Ease. Your portrait has both--the intenwsity and the easy brush strokes, I like this very much. When the pleasure of looking goes deep into one,we are grateful. Thank you.
Quelle énergie!