daily painting titled Three Corsican clementines

Three Corsican clementines

22cm x 11cm (approx. 8½"x4¼"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 December, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Three magical clementines ready to soar,ready to fly away to other skies...Thanks to Julian "Merlin" the Enchanter.
I see that, it is about the leaves. ;)
The leaves are going to cut me, but the fruit will be mysteriously sweet like a kiss.
How you handle values! dark mysteries allied to brilliant colour.
The Clementines are painted perfectly but the leaves, well, they are painted majestically, their almost waxy appearance, the hint of the veins in the leaf's surface, oh I wish that I could be more poetical about this painting like the comments before me but, I shall content myself by making this the subject for my artistic effort tomorrow.
Julian, loved the symetry and the complimentary colors....most of all I loved the drama you have introduced with the very alive leaves and the strong hot colors of the clementines. It is cold and foggy here, no clementines growing here for quite a while. cheers, georgia
A composition of threes and fives in which the eye is pulled toward the curly leaves that are not unlike the artist's hair. Clever
Wow! You really made those clementines pop by bringing their leaves forward like that. Nice painting, Julian.
I love these clementines. They just feel perfectly wonderful.
Very nice :)
Dear Julian, love the three Corsicans! They really "sit", feels pliable, full of essential oil, the leaves come forward like shields protecting the fruit. Anna.
Julian, just checked out your current auction bid. Terrific for you! Worth every pennny. A truly jewel of a painting.
Very nice, Julian. These little clementines are in our markets now too. And they show them with the leaves still on. Delicious!