daily painting titled Le vent se lève

Le vent se lève

18cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 6 January, 2013
Posted in Marine paintings


Beautiful scene!
Wow, this is a powerful painting!
This has cheered me up, made me feel life is amazing, and your talent growing by leaps and bounds gives me a spiritual HOPE. Thanks. Karen, apartment bound for 3 weeks.
Oh, I love this one, I can almost feel the spray from those waves breaking on the rocks, the power of the sea contrasting beautifully with the serenity of the yachts in the distance, you have captured this so well.
Since I live on the rocky Oregon coast .....this just spoke to me. Wonderful!!!
This is really wonderful. An inspiration.
Even the rocks and sea-cliffs by miracle seem to turn into waves!Tempestuous marriage between mineral and fluid.
really lovely painting, full of life and movement, made me want to have been there myself!
So vibrant and powerful image...I wish I was there.
This looks so very much like the beach I grew up near in western Australia it's uncanny. You've captured those elements to perfection
Love the feeling of the sun on the rocks.
This is a beautiful painting of the bay! Touches my heart because my grandfather was born in Marseille.