daily painting titled Sleeping Kitten

Sleeping Kitten

20cm x 15cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 11 January, 2008
Posted in Paintings of cats


Wow Julian, What a wonderful surprise. Its very dark and dreary here in New England so to receive this blast of wooley color is a real gift. I love the contrast of the kitten with the blankets. And the blankets echo for me Matisse's Morocan paintings. I love that you have captured both the furry texture and the wooley one. How about a print, and this, from a non cat lover! Ah, such talent monsieur. You've sent three completely and pleasantly compelling styles of paintings today. My hat is off to you!
AWWWWWWW!!! He (or she) is soooooo sweet!I want to cuddle with the adorable kitten. And then the "bleu/blanc/rouge" plus Matisse-like colors, contrasting with the black and white of the kitten, are marvelous!
You heard me! I've been wishing that you would paint a feline critter for the past two years... and you have done it! Tres bien, J... Love the colors AND the kitty.
LOVE it! I always look forward to your new paintings. As an artist, I find them fresh and inspiring. I've sent your link to many of my friends, telling them that you have such a good sense of composition, color and brushwork. And best wishes to you, as a fellow cat-lover.
Bright colors and a wonderful cat. What more could any cat loving artist hope for. As the owner of nine cats, I sincerely hope this is just the first of many paintings with a feline as the subject matter.
I love cats and I love this painting. I realize it has already sold, but any chance you will offer it as a print? Thank you for your consideration.
Please make a print of the "Sleeping kitten". I will surely order one if you do. Thanks.
One of my favourites so far. I have a black and white cat that looks just like the one in the painting. Please consider making a print as I'd love to purchase one. Thanks.