daily painting titled September rose

September rose

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 17 September, 2017
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Julian, this is beautiful.
Absolutely perfect ... love the simplicity! Sure wish I could paint half as good as you! I'd be a lucky woman! Members of my family just landed in Italy yesterday for a two-week holiday. Very hot in southern Ontario (Canada) today - we're enjoying what is called "Indian Summer".
all the Beltons are in love with this one Julian. covet covet covet mmmmmm btw we went to visit your self portrait at the NPG , v proud of you xxxx
Great to have your postcards back. Thanks!
You are Manet's equal with this painting. If you don't know them, look at the flower paintings he did at the end of his life.
Julian, this painting is so elegant. It has to do with the position of the rose, I think. Welcome back. Barbara
So good to see your art again. I Miss you!!! And love the new painting, I'm a flower lover!
Bsolutely gorgeous. Welcome home.
How perfectly beautiful! Welcome Bach home
Dear Julian, I totally agree with the above comment from Edie Dean. I had been about to say that your marvellous rose painting had echoes of Manet in his later years. Your talent, and enthusiasm are really inspiring. Bravo!
Welcome back, Julian! Missed your postcards!
Beautiful, looks like Manet's last paintings
I am a retired doctor livinhg in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA and now taking weekly oil painting classes. I truly admire your work and your small paintings are precious gems. Above all I admire the simplicity of your compositions and the color harmony that preveils in all of them. How do you get those earthy color tones???? Simply genius!!!
Elegant !! Do you have a studio in France that is open to the public ? I have been following your paintings and LOVE ALL. I'll be in France next week and would so love to meet you. Thank you.