daily painting titled Pear


20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 8 February, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Delicious! One of my fave things to eat and I want this one!

Beautiful! For some reason today's still life seems like it has another added dimension to it...like I can feel the light coming into the room. The colors are spectacular too.

Getting your "postcard" every day is always a highlight. Thank you!

All the best -

You're such an inspiration to me! I love this pear. I wrestled with painting some pears today as well... I love the colors and the drawing and the edges... just beautiful...

Enjoy your day!

looking at that pear i feel my teeth -

Hello Julian,
Id like to thank you for the lovely book.
Its very inspirational for me. I am just learning to paint and seeing your work makes me want to paint more.
Thank you,

Love the background (perhaps another canvas?) and the table top--all the surfaces and textures --background, table top, pear--are different. Such a lot in a small painting.

Love the oranges and greens and blues!!!!!! Lovely!!!

Have a lovely day! Love the shadow work, so intricate and beautifully observed

Julian, the light and the atmosphere around this pear make it a real standout...so lovely.

I love the tonal quality of this picture Julian, it's perfect !!!!!

Love this landscape painting!! It would make a great still life as well....

I love the slightly knobbly nature of this pear's shape! Very delicately painted indeed.