daily painting titled Apple and clementines with silver bowl and cup

Apple and clementines with silver bowl and cup

16cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 17 December, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


A very very original arrangement in a shrunk space. Fascinated by the power of colors. Feeling of intense pictorial richness. My eyes are never satiated: there is always something to find, to rediscover in this crowded painting.
Julian, Lovely to see such colour and an interesting composition. I like the looseness..it's fresh. Wonderfull.
An hour certainly well spent, Julian - wish I could do as well in four! Alain is correct - it is crowded, but it looks great - a very different composition.
Wonderful colors for the holiday but a real tease trying to find the bowl and cup! Merry Christmas to you all. Grace s.
You continue to be a great inspiration!
Nice, rich colors. I've been known for not seeing the forest for the trees, but I'm having trouble reading the upper right portion of the painting. I guess these are the reflections in the silver bowl. At first, I thought there was a mirror in the background. You managed a lot in the time you had to do this.
Dear Julian,edge to edge visual pleasure, particularly left edge. Like a detail of a much larger painting. The clementines look almost caramelised,glowing richly next to the warm textures in old ivory and cobalt blue of the cup.I imagine the silver bowl filled with sweetmeats. A Flemish scene, perhaps glimpsed through a window in old Bruges! Yes, I know my imagination often runs away with me! Anna H.
Yes the upper right area is enigmatic and adds something more to that still life.
Happy Christmas !