daily painting titled Mandarin orange

Mandarin orange

13cm x 12cm (5"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 3 March, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


I just loved the images yesterday and today! Thank you!
It's the time of the year for Mandarins - just when we need them like this little golden sun.
Suddenly I decided to look at this painting, rotating it to the left and so the fruit offered me a wonderful landscape with an incandescent sun crackling through a "mandarin orange" sky, a delightful blue lake, surrounded by mountains, cliffs, plains lost in a vaporous dawn... This painting is like a rebus. And reminding of Turner and Claude Lorain, at present in Paris .
I especially admire the off-centered image! "Le ciel est bleu comme une orange"....
I KNOW Eluard said "La terre est bleue comme une orange," but I liked the image of "le ciel est bleu comme une orange," since a sinking or a rising sun can look like your painting of the mandarin orange, Julia.
I also meant "Julian" and not "Julia." Decidemment....