daily painting titled Night portrait

Night portrait

14cm x 22cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 2 December, 2014
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Thanks so much for showing the setup!
A nice holiday gift for all of us who adore you and your paintings. Many thanks. Grace
I always enjoy your self portraits more than any others. Have you ever done one of Louie? Wishing you and yours a happy healthy Christmas. Sue
Really interesting to see a part of your studio and to see your setup, too, Julian. Thanks. I see your hair has grown quite a bit, also. Very nice portrait.
What a fun thing to do. Your adoring public has to love it. You look great. I see at least five healthy fruits in the pic. Hope you eat your subjects.
excellent !
Excellent quality of painting. I like the loose but accurate brushstrokes.
Who is that handsome young man?! Love this. And like seeing how you set it up. Spot on!
All is in the state of uncertainty related to the eyes expressivity: does Julian look at us or does he look to the side as if he was lost in his thoughts? One thing is for sure, all the white highlights show us the spiritual sparkling of the painter. Not to forget that the lines that join all these highlights make a perfect triangle whose the top coincides with the tiny highlight of the glasses above the ear, a highlight twinkling like a star... Triangle as a symbol of stability. A portrait worthy of Goya.
Love the apple with a big bite out of it!! :)
Thank you Julian, I look forward to your email and am never disappointed when I open them up. They're such a joy. Someone had expressed your paint strokes so carefully placed, yet immediate. That's the experience of a good artist. If only I could do this, instead of going over my stroke time and again to get it right! Beautifully captured portrait. Helen Burdett