daily painting titled Still Life with Apple, Goats Cheese, Cup and Bottle

Still Life with Apple, Goats Cheese, Cup and Bottle

17cm x 12cm (6¾"x4¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 14 October, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


A forgetful cygnet the neck spotted with blue and the body tender like some "fromage frais", lost his way. He was not sure which path to take: taking a stroll, either on " the lake with blue trunks" or...on the "apple-shaped lake in the sunset"? Suddenly high-boiling he shouts:" Mummy mummy, where-are-you?"
Hi Julian In this painting the four round shapes underscore the abundance that is in the possibility of this simple meal/snack. The rendering of the cheese, especially, pulls the viewer in and allows him/her to experience sights, smells, shape colour.
OMG, this is GORGEOUS. Utterly gorgeous.
Wonderful! Now I'm off to the kitchen for an apple, goat cheese, and a glass of wine! Thankyou Julian.
Strangely enough I have never indulged or even had a passing acquaintance with goat cheese; imagine that. It looks so delightful and extremely pleasing here. And the remainder of the painting is just as tantalizing, your talent inspires and abounds me.
... and we get a chance to see a David Garland (?) cup.
Well, Julian and Ruth - my Hotmail account was hijacked and some scumbag scallywags sent out requests for donations - hope you didn't get one - OR that maybe you had a good laugh at the spelling mistakes. cheers. Von