daily painting titled Rose Felicity Parmentier

Rose Felicity Parmentier

13cm x 12cm (5"x4¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 27 May, 2010
Posted in Flower paintings


O Rose Felicity, You have just touched Down Because of a gust Or a heartless stab! Lethal wound. And your beloved leaves, Fluffed, Are baying at the moon!
You have out done yourself today! I love this rose. I wish we could trade paintings? Ha Ha I bet that would not happen. But if you are curious any painting is yours! Thank you!
Breathtaking, adore the delicacy of the petals and the line of that green stem very sensual, love it thanks, Ruth
Beautiful, xv.
Wonderfully painted- beautifully simple and intense. I like the way you managed a square composition with a single rose.