daily painting titled Two pears

Two pears

20cm x 12.5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 26 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I know what you mean, the small canvas 'problem' I had today went flying accross the room, so no output today!
Never any need to apologize Julian. Anything I get to see is just gravy!
Lovely recovery though! The pears are gorgeous.
You are amazing, nice to know even you have 'one of those weeks' now and then. Perfect pears.
A perfect pair. We need some blocks from time to time to appreciate the flow when it returns and it looks like the muse is back in force again!
always worth waiting for....
Julian How lovely that you answered me! I am most touched! I have regularly received your paintings for the last ...years - I believe and so when you stopped I was concerned! So all is well that ends well. Again thank you so much for responding! Regards Sarah Orchard
Julian, so glad to read that all is well with yourself and family. Fantastic painting as per usual. Great to see you are back, although it is good to break off sometimes.
Thank you Julian for your postcard much appreciated and i hope you have a great week. Love the painting. Having a break is very important, looking forward to more of your lovely work. Regards Marion
We all have weeks like that sometime. Hope all is getting better again. I really missed your paintings, and it made me happy to see your colorful pears.
Hi Julian , well I can understand having a bad week my wife and I have been taking turns being sick!! Her turn right now , so many specialists and every one is a trip out of town , Ahh! Did I mention the pears are wonderful , rich with colour and form. Thanks and hope all is smoothing out for you and your's Thanks Craig
Dear Julian, the month of January are sent to try us! Not long now and the light of spring will generate the spark of inspiration and motivation will follow. New ideas will manifest themselves as if by magic and the muse will return. Just look back at the stupendous output last year!! Anyway, the pears are a joy to behold. Anna.
We have heard that Van Gogh painted every day and all day long. But when we read details about his tumultuous way of life, I think it is a myth! I admire your tenacity and it is reassuring that you do not paint night and day like a robot, oh sorry... like a "Hubot", contraction of "human + robot" ( in a wonderful TV serie 2012: " Real Humans"). Act of painting should not become a symptom of the malignant Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! But I confess that as beholders of your site, we are your paintings addict! That is one of your mysterious talents, Julian.
The reality of life is that we have ups and downs and we have to face up to and deal with things. As much as we may think about the past or the future, the reality is that we live in the present and as a dear friend of mine told me years ago, the 'present' is a gift. So, it's good to see Julian, that you've created another beautiful painting which delights so many of us to see, after a 'problematic and unmotivated' week! P.S. good to know you're only human too!
A delightful painting Julian. Being an artist myself I am all too aware that we need time away from painting now and again. Sometimes I want to paint so much that I get a complete block, but then I casually pick up a brush to start a painting when lunch is being served!! and the magic comes back, usually at the most in-opportune of moments!. I have also found that I have my favourite subjects to paint which go swimmingly well, but if I try and paint something because I think it might sell well, then the painting is usually under par! Have you ever painted a dog I wonder ?! They are my favourite subjects.
This is one of my new favourites! Beautiful!!
Dear Alain,I am indeed one of the an addicts of Julian's work!!How this has come about is something I don't understand fully.... could you enlighten me? What if Julian decides to stop his near daily output? We are so very fortunate to have access to the archives. Anna.
It is both simple and hard to explain. First of all, Julian is a very nice man. I have never met him, but I feel it when I look at him through his photos. He shows us how he is, without preciosity exactly like a Cezanne or Freund. So we like his works because we feel that all of them are like self-portraits: humane, fragile and strong too. Everyone of us I think should like to have a friend like him. Then, his art: we are waiting for his next work, as a new gift of God. Each day, the subject is the same, but each day, we are surprized! His works transpire life, often joyful life. As Van Gogh, we like to see the brushstrokes that are life instincts against the death which is so anxiogenic. So we need every day our dose of that driving force of life. Finally, we forget the harshness of life, but transiently: that is why we wait for the next painting eagerly. It is almost a day-to-day matter of survival. A last thing: we know that this website (of course it is not the only one) is well known through the world: in a way, Julian allows us by our comments to speak to the world too! And we are happy to share our thoughts and existencies with the others. Alchemy of a website so consensual that shows Art is indispensable to healthy societies, even if it is not "Modern non representational art"! Thanks to our contributions here, we are aware that figurative art will never die. Our only fear is that Julian gets sick. Because we all need to dream through his art and to dream... in colour. Endlessly. Best
What a pleasure to share your brush strokes these pears are delicious stem and all. God Bless.
Thanks Alain,very well said. How we straddle two worlds,the "real" and the virtual, a phenomena of our time. Anna.
Julian early this morning, as the sun was rising, I saw the light on the branches of a tree. For a photographer, currently living in an unusual number of cloudy days, this was a joy. And despite the freezing cold of Toronto, I can feel the sun on my face. So take heart, things do eventually get better.