daily painting titled Route de la Lavande

Route de la Lavande

19cm x 12cm (8"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 16 July, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Lovely. Light. Airy.
I LOVE this painting.
Please add me to your email contact list. Thanks, Julie
how different the two lavender paintings...yesterdays almost sensual as the lavender undulated across the field toward the trees...todays lavender almost secondary to the vastness of the view beyond of the sky and mountains and further fields. i loved them both. thank you always for the beauty of yr paintings. gfs
Hi Julian What intrigues me about the two lavender paintings is the intensity of the colour of the lavender. In yesterday' s painting it was vivid as was the yellow. Today it is softer. The relationship of the painter to the lavender is the same in the sense that he is very close to it at a certain point and consequently places us there. It must be the light as the places are different or seem so. It may also reflect a difference in the time of the day. Or it may not be a real place at all but one that is in the painter's imagination.
The color of the lavender varies from field to field and the direction of the light and time of day, as you guessed, make a difference too.
what a beautiful summer you are having in provence. thanks for sharing these incredible images from your idyllic life! been loving these lavendar paintings.