daily painting titled Bowl of pears

Bowl of pears

19cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 10 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, you are definitely a colourist! At least, ten tones of colored grey on this bowl! The nine tiny black dots on the latter give its physicality, its corporeality. What a wonderful space created by the two white reflections between the round edge of the bowl and the left pear! What a wonderful conversion too we can imagine between the excited "legs" of the three pears! Four hearts in a same adventure! Tumultuous soft edge on the right side of the bowl like menacing clouds and at last a mysterious scribble on the lower left side of the bowl symetrically echoes the perfect legible signature: a subliminal allegory, may be,of our transient life on this earth: we are dust and to dust we shall return! Meanwhile, carpe diem, like these blushing pears eternalized forevermore by Julian.
I have a beautiful grey bowl which I have not been brave enough to paint. Now I know why! Brueder's work is delicious and so is yours.
Two days and two stillives with above eyelevel views - and wow, aren't they good. Hope your easel stays in that position for a bit longer.
Dear Julian, I do hope your breakfast cereal is a 100% organic! Anything else is not worthy of this simple but elegant bowl. Cool grey glazes next to vibrant gold and red fruit. My eye wants to linger! Have a great weekend. Anna.
Excellent work Julian, another great painting