daily painting titled House with Blue Door

House with Blue Door

18 x 12 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 23 February, 2006
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This is a lovely study Julian.

I know the landscapes aren't as popular as the still lifes, but I love them, its great to see them making a comeback.

A sign of an early spring in Provence perhaps?

I also really like this one, Julian. Really nice muted colors with that singing blue door. Charming. I do love your landscapes!

Dear Julian, Your paintings are so lovely, what a great idea. This is a website I will pass along to students.

Julian, I read about your daily postcards in today's NY Time's article about your work. I live in Brooklyn, NY. Congratulations on the publicity that this article will generate for you. I think it's a great and courageous idea to offer a daily low-cost original, PLUS think what a great painter you are becoming from the daily exercise of your craft! PLUS, your work is quite beautiful.

All good wishes. I'll join your mailing list
as soon as I get my new computer (am between the crashed old and the spanking new iMac coming next wk.).

all best regards,
Mona Conner

u are an inspiration....eye sale my art via the web as well...but, u have really done a magnificant job and glad to sea it can bee done. a short cut around the brick and mortar world...thank u kelly moore

Julian, congratulations!

Congrats, Julian! Read Ruth's blog (in middle of jetlagged night) and thought to pop over and have a look. Hope lunch has not left y'all too worse for wear!

Would like to get info on avilable Postcard paintings in the future.Thank you

Would like to get info on avilable Postcard paintings in the future.Thank you

Saw your article and am fascinated by the lovely postcard size, inexpensive original oil paintings. will be watching daily from Florida.
Sandra Best on 2/24/06