daily painting titled Bread and french cloth

Bread and french cloth

13cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 5 December, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


But then we would miss the bread and the onions and the cherries and the pomegranates and?and? Mt. Ventoux ?0h, my!
You must try the Irish 'Greenspot'!
Oh for all that crunchy crust! You go from strength to strength.
Magnificent....how lucky we would be if Ruth wrote as often as you painted ....am I being greedy? Love your paintings and loved reading Ruth's book too.... Hopefully she has a sequel up her sleeve......
I crave this bread AND your paintings! I'm afraid I'm drooling!
Dear Julian, the texture and colour is so lifelike I can almost smell the bread. The flour dusted sides, crisp baked checked top and typical "air pockets" is beautifully captured and yet very painterly. The familiar French cloth with it's blue stripe makes a perfect base for the golden loaf. A pleasure to behold! Anna.
hummmm ! le bon pain de chez nous : croustillant et gouteux à souhait ! il ne manque plus qu'un bon verre de vin et un morceau de picodon. De quoi régaler nos papilles .. merci Julian !
As impressive as "The Yellow Log" (1912) by Munch!
Presently we are vacationing in the US but luckily still receive our little bit of France/Provence through paintings from Julian. This one made us want to take the next flight back to go over to the baker on the corner for our morning baguette! Mouthwatering!