daily painting titled Dusk


20cmx14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 12 November, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Hauntingly beautiful.
Hi Julian Thank you for sharing your beautiful postcards depicting your lovely part of the world. I truly enjoy starting my day with such enjoyable pleasure Cheers Fran
This one made me gasp! There's something literally stunning about such a beautiful, unlingering dusk which demands total attentionn while it lasts. It's magic.
Wonderful compression of values, impressive!
A beautiful Sky !----but the rest of the painting appears a little too dark and not much colour ( at least on my computer screen ) Sincerely A.D.Forward
Wonderful plein air. Well done.
Two worlds in a same scene: Heaven on the left side of the utility pole,endless darkness on the right one. Which is the best way? Because of the fence along the field,I would go for the rehabilitated road on the right.It should be safer... In theory. But in fact,how have I come to such a situation?
What a glorious sight!
I absolutely love this time of the evening, and you did an beautiful job on this painting, Julian.
Serenely beautiful. Thank you.
It may be your computer screen as the painting just glows on mine...wish I was walking down that road.
Must have been quick to capture this, Magnificent! not one wasted brush stroke.
Beautiful and sad In keeping with Remembrance Day Service in Northwood,Middx
Hi Julian , this is a beautiful painting , I love the colour of the sky and the background. Just excellent. I just finished a sunrise picture for my son , from a photo he snapped on holiday. Thanks , for your inspiration. Craig
I'm there!
I've walked down country roads like this before in that kind of twilight. You captured it exquisitely.
Beautiful work! Such a calm and serene feeling, almost as if I'm walking down that road all alone.