daily painting titled Milk jug, coffee cup and cake

Milk jug, coffee cup and cake

20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 4 October, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Yesterday's was so gently understated and this knocks my socks off. The reflections on stainless steel are a little less crisp aren't they?
I meant to write yesterday to say that I had thought to suggest using old ink bottles in your still lives. I even told a fellow admirer of your works. LO! the next day, they was your lemon and what looks like an antique ink bottle. WONDERFUL!
Absolutely wonderful !
Nice. Do you have any copper?
Wonderful work, Julien. I don't know how you ever paint a slice of cake so free with your loose energetic brushwork, and have it turn out so perfect! Love the reflections in the silver jug equally as well.
The jug may be stainless but this is golden!
This is the first still life that is expressively consubstantial with you, Julian. As there were Morandi still life in the twentieth century, there is now a JMS initial still life in contemporary art. The reflections of the jug show us, maybe, a man playing the violin in front of an easel...But the violin oddly is not there, so this the body of the artist which becomes the musical instrument. I see the musical notes among the cake (thin dancing white highlights)composing a serial music that gradates background and table surfaces.
mmmm...is that carrot cake? with caramel topping? beautiful!
recently, bright colours in paintings makes atmosphere glow! it is enriching and feast to eyes!
What splendid metallic surfaces. A delightful painting.