daily painting titled Still Life with Three Figs

Still Life with Three Figs

35cm x 27cm (10½"x 13¾"), Oil on Linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 3 August, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


Please forgive me, julian, but more than a pictural appreciation, I want to transmit my first reaction when I uncover this last painting: I see in it three penguins in an ice field making conversation; The plumpest penguin on the right tells to the chief ( of course in the middle because he is the tallest): " hello boss we are lost! where are our thousands of fellows? I am afraid, the night is falling, and I am sensing the presence of our predators !" The two others remain stony-faced and dignified; The chief finally answers: listen, stop feeling sorry for yourself! we are "emperor penguins' not some banal seals, thus an emperor has to give the bel example: courage bravery pride" and barely after this sentencious assertion, he gives a cry and collapses in the tiny arms of the penguin on his left side: his fiancee! I think the wedding is jeopardized.
Oh a precision I forgot: we see their back profile!
Quite nice work, the unity in color, the campitura or imprimatura showing through. Complimenti.