daily painting titled A bowl of cherries

A bowl of cherries

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 24 May, 2016
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Hi Do u ever paint waves or water Thanks judy
"LIfe is just a bowl of cherries" and your paintings make life even better! Thanks, Julian.
A little?..
Just completed a wonderful workshop with Julian and Ruth and such a terrific group of painters. Julian has a delightful sense of humor - and both Julian and Ruth made us all feel so welcome! Philip and Jude proprietors of La Madelene priory spoiled us rotten with fine wines and healthy French cuisine. It was all so perfect! Julian is so good with his demos (think he did 10! Glad he is feeling invigorated and painting such an outstanding bowl of cherries from the local cherrie trees. I could go on and on; but, no more room!!!!!!!
I love this.
Just wonderful to see you back posting.
De light ful ! and many thanks...........
They look like Montmorency's – are they? Sour cherries of some sort? And utterly beautiful and delicious. Thanks for such beauty and delight.
A scrump-delicious painting! And while I'm drooling over it, I'm throwing this wish out to the Universe (Hey, is anyone listening out there???: I live in Canada and belong to a wonderful group of 7 creative women. We've been meeting to gab and paint/craft for about 14 years. I just forwarded them your post and proposed that if any one of us wins BIG in the lottery, that we should all go together for a workshop at your beautiful corner of the world. Here's hoping, and meanwhile all the best with your upcoming endeavors. Always so nice to receive your posts.
Good to see your work again, Julian.
Simply lovely!!!
I've missed your paintings. This one is a beauty. We could not get enough of the delicious cherries from Mazan on our last visit. Thank you for bringing back that wonderful memory.
The spring group is always a good group The bowl of cherries is a beaut
A magnificent little painting...those cherries look like jewels! Lovely to see your posts again!
This is a wonderful painting.
Julian!!! Those cherries are too delicious! ..a perfect memory of the May/June 2014 workshop which I revisit with my little paintings at every opportunity ...such a beautiful time..thank you again!! Pam Carter
Heel mooi werkje, Maar wie voor een dergelijk klein schilderijtje 400 $ wil geven, die moet toch gek zijn. Maar ja, de klant is koning hé.
Superb !
Stunning! I'm interested in what reds you used to achieve such great color. Fantastic!
Yes Judy, check under the 'marine' category Jill, just the usual as we use in the workshops, alizaron, cad red and perm. orange.