daily painting titled Pomegranate and Bowl

Pomegranate and Bowl

33cm x 22cm, oil on stretched linen

Painting status: SOLD

This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Thursday 5 October, 2006
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Stunner! I love the highlight
on the blue bowl. Glad to see
you are making a print of this
one too. Thanks for lighting
up my afternoon!

Oh! Love, love, love it!!! How exquisite, Julian. I simply adore pomegranates, and this is an absolutely gorgeous painting. What a treat.

I'd like to purchase.

Please contact me for payment. Thanks! Cathy

Julian, this is brilliant work!

The color and texture is so rich. Brilliant! I hope to be lucky enough to have one of your paintings in my home one day.

Hi Julian,

This is so great! If I weren't just having windows installed I'd be trying to buy it.

Whoever gets it will be a lucky person.

Best wishes,


only a master could paint this...thanks for the fine lesson and beautiful work.

Love the blue bowl... but I'm not so sure about the depth in this painting...

Julian, this is stunning, wish I'd painted it. - r.

Painfully gorgeous. I keep swearing I've bought my last print, but then Julian paints another masterpiece...

James - what do you mean by "depth"? Are we talking perspective, or symbology? Just curious.

I wrote a 4 page critique today on Julian's work on my blog. One person made a comment that it was too long and was like reading a manual. I think I got carried away talking about the beautiful paintings of Julian. I was trying to come up with constructive criticism in my critique and the end result is that I came up with something petty that has nothing to do with his paintings. My critique is EXTREMELY positive.