daily painting titled Two onions

Two onions

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 24 March, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Two onions are whispering to each other...The left onion talks while the right one listens in awe.What a shame, I cannot hear a word they are saying!
Thank you so much Julian. I look forward to my postcard from Provence every day (and loved reading Ruth's book about your lives and your paintings.) My thoughts are with you both at this time, from across the Atlantic. My father-in-law ( who was just like a father to me) passed away nearly 3 years ago from cancer at the all too young age of 69. I miss him every single day. No matter what age, it's always too young to lose your dad- and your child's grandfather... especially when he was as sweet as mine and yours. Best wishes...
Will keep you in my thoughts this week.
Very nice painting and comes across very nicely, even thought it is very symmetrical. It works as the onions are tilted away from each other. Kudos!
Beautiful in the light!
Yes, the onions are having a kind of standoff in their conversation. And those highlights are like accents in the sentences, or perhaps onion thoughts. those twisty stems are excited aren't they?
Just want you to know I bid twice on these onions because I love, love, love them. i got outbid immediately. To the person outbidding me-my birthday is Dec. 8. thanks.
Dear Julian, the glossy rosy red colour peeping through the outer dry, papery leaves is spot on, the two onions are delightful. Take care and safe travel. Anna.
wonderful work !
Your onions are fresh and alive almost dancing. It is very inspirational to a new painter like myself thank you for sharing your talent with us. Coleen
Absolutely beautiful works Julian! I am a daily painter myself, and I have to say that this is one of the most inspiring collections I've seen! Please keep on doing what you're doing, I'll throw up a link from my own blog to this one, because it needs to be seen!