daily painting titled House in the lavender fields

House in the lavender fields

20cm x 13cm (8"x5") oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 15 July, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


You've captured the colour perfectly. I can picture you now. In fact I might still have the record of the code to connect to the wifi in my handbag! ;) I've posted my pics of the lavender fields at Sault on Flickr - which includes the map of the lavender fields at the Belvedere de la Nesque. There are just so many fields! So - do you go/come back over the top of Mont Ventoux? :)
Now that is real lavender fields!! France looks wonderful and, with the crazy politics here in the USA, a great place to be right now!
Seeing this beauty made me realize just how much I've missed your "postcards." I do hope there will be much more lavender in the days to come. And thanks for posting the gorgeous "apples." I didn't think I could like another still life as much as the peaches one... but I was wrong!
I am an amateur artist, just returned from two weeks in Tours, where I visited many chateaux, ancient churches, troglo, and vineyards. Your postcards are an inspiration and a joy to receive. When I returned, Ruth's book was happily awaiting me. It took me right back to France, and increased my feeling of connection with you both. I do feel as though I'm part of the family, or at least a friend. It was so beautifully written,I didn't want it to end! I hope she will write more about your life together and with the baby.
Dear Julian, It is wonderful to 'see' you again !!! Love the lavender field ...umm I can 'smell' it too hahahhaa. I wish.. How is the baby ? Bet he keeps you busy. He is so cute !!!!
Julian, you make my day, even if I can't ever own any sure get a lot of joy from just seeing your paintings. I love painting and do some every week but know I am just an everlasting not too promising student. But hey, you gotta do what you do. All blessings on you for doing it so well and sharing this way. All the best to you and yours now especially the 3 closest. Or should I say four and include the painting? YES!!!!!!!
This is simply marvelous. Seeing the comment about how much the writer missed your "Postcards," And I realized just how much I did as well. Glad to have them dropping into my email again. Hope your e-connections come back soon. Wishing you all well.
yes!having yr postcards and ruths book makes it seem as tho life is getting back to normal....thanks to you both. gfs
Julian, I'm so happy to once again see your paintings pop up in my inbox. I've missed them. My best to your newly enlarged family. What a joy!
I have no words to describe how beautiful your paintings are. I love the still life works and the landscapes too. The essence of French country side is palpable in your works. Look forward to every painting.
Finally got to open the apples and comfit pot. Amazing light and color. Thank you for sharing your gift for capturing the magic in daily objects. So happy to hear from you and see your work once again. Congratulations upon your new family. Can't wait to see a portrait of your son!
So happy you're back! My day is brighter now that the postcards are coming again. I loved your three large still lifes. Beautiful work!
Julian: I finally got to see the "apples" painting and it was worth the wait. Thankyou!!
Hi Julian The soft focus of this painting enhances the colours and makes it mysterious.