daily painting titled Two peaches

Two peaches

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 28 June, 2020
Posted in Still life paintings


I just made a peach pie here in Virginia, and your peaches look much better than the ones that came from my local farmer.

Unfortunately it will be a long while before we get local peaches here in the northeast USA that will taste as good as yours look--suitably fuzzy and potentially dripping with juice when you bite into them. But thanks for the preview!

If these were sitting on my counter right now I would be eating one of them. These are so convincing, I actually think I smell them and bet they would be very juicy and sweet!

You are giving us excellent lessons in capturing the unique textures and varied surfaces of fruit.
Thank you Julian

Lovely rendition of these two yummy looking, furry peaches, Julian!

Julian, what a wonderful thing to do - search your local market stall, choose a beautiful fruit, paint it , then eat it. Life’s a bowl of cherries! - In this case - A peach of a day!
It’s a beautiful painting!
Kind regards, Graham Lomas

Lovely...you can ‘feel’ the fuzz....