daily painting titled Cup with Tulips

Cup with Tulips

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 11 April, 2013
Posted in Flower paintings


This is especially beautiful, the combo of the slick cup and roughly painted red tulip, makes me want to touch it....
Also just love what is going on in the background - beautiful shapes!
Oh wow!! .... . this looks lovely and so interesting! It's not showing too well on the iPad - I will have to run to the desktop to check this out - this is so different! From what I can see, it is quite "haunting" looking - the starkness of the cup with the red roughly painted tulip (love the way you did that) and imagery in the background - most unusual. Really admire the "suggestion" of the other tulips in the background. Even though I can't see it too well on the iPad, I love it already. Thank you for the visual treat. Elaine
This is just good old lovely!
Dear Julian , plenty of yin and yang going on here,is the tulip (beautifully painted by the way) in a state of supplication before the magisterial blue mug! I wonder what Alain would say about this tableau? Anna.
Wow! So beautiful. Love it.
Lovely! Do you actually have time to read these comments?
Yes, but not much time to reply!