daily painting titled Onion on a white ground

Onion on a white ground

24cm x 11cm, oil on panel (approx 9"x4") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 4 September, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


The humble onion is one of my favorites. Amazingly beautiful. Your work is such a pleasure to view.

No apologies please.. 3 gems in less than 24 hours.
An embarrassment of riches;lovely all!!!

No apologies necessary. Your paintings always make me smile and lift my spirit. They are all so beautiful.

I have such a love affair with onions, shallots and garlic...

This makes me happy! (As so much of your work does.)

Any member of the Allium family, be it onion, leek, garlic, or shallot, would be a pleasure to see in one of your paintings!

What a feverish monochromatic atmosphere!
Two weird feelings:at first,it seems that the two vertical layers of peel in the middle are doing an equivalence of the V sign! On the other hand,the onion with its strain looks in motion and...Is going to step out of the canvas soon!

I love it. No matter how humble the subject, you elevate it and bring the beauty out. You help us see the essence.

Your humble onion is magnificent!

Tonight,it's not monochromatic at all!The white wall is now a song of blue and pink,with some marks of blue on the train too; Nevertheless I liked so much the burnt sienna atmosphere of the same painting,this morning,as some monochromatic landscapes by Rembrandt...

many a meal is made less humble by an onion-
especially one as lovely as this.