daily painting titled Silver and Blue

Silver and Blue

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 7 October, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Love it. LOVE IT.
Excellent, sir! Good stuff, Julian.
It`s odd, and I like it.
What a nice juxtaposition - shiny silver/gold and dark dusky shimmer purple blue!
Wow! What a great play with texture and sheen! Very interesting!
even more fascinating since i dont know what the objects are! it doesnt matter, does it?
It is so lovely to see the napkin ring again! The first time I ever viewed your wonderful site, the napkin ring was the painting (August 2007!).It is like seeing an old friend,and every day (or nearly) your paintings have bought me and I know so many others much pleasure and beauty into our lives. Thanks
Two objects, outwardly no common point between them... But the "silver" captured the "Blue" in its looking-glass ! As deep as " The church at Auvers " by Van Gogh. Two hypnotizing paintings.
A plum and a silver napkin ring, I put a better photo up today so hopefully you can tell. The reflections in the napkin ring are a little panorama of the studio, left to right: dark corner, window, wall, me (dead center), wall, then my easel and finally the plum.
thank you, julian. my first thought had been a blueberry but couldnt think of what would be that small in silver other than a wedding ring. i had figured out window/wall/artist, but not easel. ah well, now i can go about my day.gfs
You say you are in the "dead center", Julian... For us, you are in the "alive center", you are everywhere,into each of your brushstrokes but with humbleness and free spirit.
it's a classic!
Wow - it's so beautiful! I want them all. When is the complete collection coming out as a book? Or postcards??????